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Duly prepared

Today I will be leading a workshop for members of my parish’s Altar Guild, both new and experienced. We hope to be “duly prepared for the service of [God’s] sanctuary,” as we pray in the Collect for Saturdays (BCP 99).

I really love the “artifacts” of our Episcopal tradition — the altar, the vessels and vestments, the beautiful books, the ribbons (especially the ribbons), the crosses and torches and candles.

I’m also glad that they are in our churches to be used, not just admired. The most beautiful candlesticks at St. Thomas are heavy and worn. One of the men of the parish reshaped a stand so now we can use both processional crosses. The prayer books we use on Sundays keep having to be replaced.

What beautiful things aid you in your life of prayer? What holy things surround you and spur you to devotion? I’d like to know.