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  5. Emmett Abella

    Thank you for these resources and your You Tube guide. I am looking forward to learning the Daily Offices

    1. Rodger Patience Post author

      Agnes, the way I use the ribbons in my prayer book and Bible combo is as follows:

      1. Morning or Evening Prayer – this one moves along as I pray the Office.
      2. Psalms – as appointed in the lectionary
      3. Collect of the Day
      4. OT reading – as appointed in the lectionary
      5. Gospel reading – as appointed in the lectionary
      6. Epistle reading – as appointed in the lectionary

      If your Bible is a separate volume, then I’d suggest using the three other ribbons to have separate ribbons for Morning and Evening Prayer, a ribbon for the lectionary, and one for the section called “Prayers and Thanksgivings,” supplemental prayers for various occasions.

      Let me know how that works. You can also refer to the bookmarks files for page numbers to place your ribbons instead.

      Thanks for checking in.


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