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Top 10 differences between Green Bay Packers Family Night and Church

10. We cannot fit 69,700 people into St. Thomas Church, even if people do sit over on *that* side of the church.

9. We don’t give away the altar party’s vestments after the Holy Eucharist, though in summer they’d be just as sweaty.

8. The choir doesn’t sing “Back in Black” at every service.

7. We don’t even give the acolytes incense, much less fireworks and a laser show.

6. When our rookies — our children — do the Lambeau Leap up to our altar rail, they are slightly less likely to get beer, ketchup, or nacho cheese spilled on them.

5. It’s farther to walk for refreshments — here at St. Thomas. The whole “concourse” in the side aisle is, frankly, wasted space without pretzels or brats.

4. Even with our recent resurfacing project in the parking lot, there’s still more parking on Hwy. 41 than at St. Thomas.

3. We’d rather watch and analyze every move of Rodgers’ 12 than Jesus’ Twelve.

2. We wear green and gold on more Sundays … at church. (If you wonder how that’s even possible, Episcopal 101 classes start again in September.)

1. The pews are less comfortable … at Lambeau Field. But there’s no waiting list to get assigned seats right here at St. Thomas.