The pilgrims’ way

11 - Mark Rothko, Sin titulo 1969 2

I’ve done a lot of driving this week in Indiana, where the landscape on an overcast day like today looks an awful lot like this painting.

One of the Psalms appointed for this evening struck me particularly:

Happy are the people whose strength is in you!
whose hearts are set on the pilgrims’ way. (Ps. 84:4)

And the Collect for the Presence of Christ, customarily prayed on Thursday evenings, asks:

Lord Jesus, stay with us, for evening is at hand and the day is past; be our companion in the way, kindle our hearts, and awaken hope, that we may know you as you are revealed in Scripture and the breaking of bread. Grant this for the sake of your love. Amen. (BCP 124)

How does Scripture nourish your heart along the pilgrims’ way?

How might you break bread with fellow pilgrims and share in Jesus’ companionship?


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