I shall always wait in patience

But I shall always wait in patience,
and shall praise you more and more.
(Psalm 71:14)

Waiting in Patience

Aside from the obvious pun, this verse struck me because we are so eager to rush to judgment these days.

This new thing is amazing, appalling, the best ever, the worst imaginable. We are not good at taking a longer view, waiting to see what happens, digesting before we plunge in.

Several members of my church are in Jerusalem for a class at St. George’s College on “The Palestine of Jesus.” In their first lecture they were reminded that God is already in the places we go, and if we rush through them too quickly we may miss the signs of his presence.

They write:

This is very important for Pilgrims who come to Jerusalem and want to “rush rush rush” to see everything right away.  Many who come go right to the High Holy places without taking time to “stand in the gates of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122).  When we don’t take the time to rest in God’s presence and instead want to press forward because “God has called me to do all this work” we do not understand the Way of God.

Praising God More and More

Yesterday morning the reading from Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) ended on this note:

We could say more, but could never say enough; let the final word be: “He is the all.” Where can we find the strength to praise him? For he is greater than all his works. (Sirach 43:27-28)

Our daily pattern of prayer and reading of Scripture helps reinforce this understanding.

Whatever concerns we bring with us, God is already there. However large our problems loom, God is greater. No matter how urgent or drastic or final the circumstances appear, “God is the all.”

But I shall always wait in patience,
and shall praise you more and more.


1 thought on “I shall always wait in patience

  1. Scott

    For God alone my soul in silence waits; *
    from him comes my salvation.
    He alone is my rock and my salvation, *
    my stronghold, so that I shall not be greatly shaken.


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